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February is dental month and we will be offering 10% off all dentals.

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Welcome to North Main Animal Hospital

North Main Animal Hospital, is the hospital of choice for pet owners in North Central Georgia.

Our mission is to provide quality medicine to each patient while inspiring our community with compassion and dedication by improving the lives of animals.

We are dedicated to sustaining the best health possible for our pets. Our goal is to provide the highest quality of care possible while sharing our knowledge so that together we can achieve healthy and happy pets.  Our excellent health care team will work with you to provide vitality and longevity to the pets that provide us with joy and companionship daily.

Compassionate care is vital when it comes to finding the right veterinarian for you. At North Main Animal Hospital we believe in ensuring that every client feels comfortable and confident in our services.

Compassionate Care

*Due to the high volume of online prescriptions starting February 1st we will be charging a $3.00 fee to fill any online prescriptions. Please give us a call at the clinic if you have any questions about the new policy.

“We strive to make each visit a pleasant experience for both your pet and you.  I believe knowledge is a powerful tool that can help us achieve the most optimal health for your pet.  Each pet is an individual and their healthcare needs vary from patient to patient and evolve throughout your pet’s lifetime.  That is my focus as the Doctor here at North Main Animal Hospital.”

-Dr. Bishop


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Dr. Chad Bishop

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