first time client

Your first visit to North Main Animal Hospital may be with a pet who is an old member of the family or a new addition to the family. Regardless the case, we schedule hour-long sessions with new patients. This will ensure a comprehensive evaluation of your pet as well as thorough dialogue that will cover any and all concerns you may have. The goal here is simple; to provide optimal health care that can only be achieved through common goals. We work with you to keep your beloved pets healthy and happy.

When making your first time appointment, the name of the previous animal hospital you attended will be asked of you to obtain full medical history for doctors notes and vaccine history. This is to make sure we are able to provide accurate care, treatment, and are aware of any medical conditions. If this is a new puppy or kitten, we ask that you bring any paperwork from the rescue or breeder with you to the appointment.

Upon arrival, you will be pleasantly greeted by our staff at the front desk. Your pet will be weighed and checked in, then graciously ushered into one of our examination rooms. One of our well-qualified veterinarian technicians will begin gathering data for the attending doctor. You will be asked questions concerning the medical history of your pet and the reason for the visit. Please remember that the more information you can provide about your pet, the better we are able to properly serve you. The technician will then take your pet to the treatment area, where the attending veterinarian will then examine your pet. We may recommend diagnostic tests if we feel it necessary. Once these tests and exam have been completed, your veterinarian will then bring in your pet and discuss possible diagnosis and, if warranted, a treatment plan.

Lastly, our staff at the front desk will process your payment and schedule a follow-up visit if necessary.

Though we strive to be as efficient and thorough as possible, by the nature of our business, unexpected delays do sometimes occur. We do our absolute best to minimize your wait time.

We are always excited to meet new clients and their pets. And it makes us happy to see the familiar faces of all our returning friends.

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